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Indie Play: DLC Quest

by on March 19, 2012

Recently the gaming industry has been moving in a new direction when it comes to DLC and people don’t generally seem happy about it. Despite the bad side of DLC and everything it brings though, we still need to be allowed to laugh at the industry we share that love/hate relationship with.  DLC Quest is a game that seems to agree with the idea of how outrageous DLC is becoming these days and turns it into a hilarious and surprisingly fun game.

When you first start up DLC quest it will lack almost everything, you have no weapon, there is no music and you character lacks animation. Take just a few un-animated steps to the right though and you will find yourself at a shop that’s ready to sell you DLC. Here you can buy music, animation for your character and even armour for your horse! Eventually you come across unlockable DLC packs such as zombies, top hats and a bikini for everyone (even some male characters sport it) and all DLC is bough via in game coins, so no cash to spend here!

What makes the game really work though is the game play, it’s all well and good having a great comedy stance in your game but if you lack any decent controls then the whole this is for nothing and happily I can say that they’re perfect. DLC Quest is a 2D platformer much like Mario, Sonic and so on, It has a beautiful sprite based art style that I really miss these days and everything comes together perfectly. I could honestly imagine buying this as a normal platformer minus the DLC hook and enjoying it, not something I can say for most games based around a single joke.

In order to afford every piece of DLC you will need to explore everywhere, I believe I managed to do so in my first playthrough and I finished the game with all DLC packs and 70 coins left over. It’s pretty easy game but I didn’t actually notice, not a single thing can hurt or kill you and that’s not a problem because it’s not why you’re playing it, it wasn’t until I finished the game that I realised that it lacked enemies. Judging by how it ended I’m assuming that there are multiple outcomes depending on if you could afford all the DLC packs or not, adding to its length for people that are into that stuff but it’s still a rather short game overall, coming in at just under an hour of playtime for one complete run through.

Overall the game has a brilliant sense of humour, some spot on controls and a world that I actually enjoyed exploring in order to discover all of its secrets, I just wish they would create some real DLC so I can play more of it. If you have the spare cash you could spend it on a lot worse than this.

DLC Quest is available on the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Marketplace for 80msp, Desura for £1.50 and also part of the St.Patrick’s Day bundle on

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